Science, Technology and Innovation Mainstreaming – Performance Indicator FY 2022/23

Investments in Research, Science, Technology and Innovation (RSTI) is indispensable for any Country or institution that seeks to secure national security, and accelerate realization of inclusive and sustainable socio-economic development. The catastrophic impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic devastated the entire world and brought to the fore the immense and life-saving role of STI as first responder in the global fight against the pandemic and future disasters, thus revealing the need to mainstream and integrate STI strategies in programmes, projects and service delivery systems in MDAs.

Kenya Vision 2030 & its Medium-Term Plans and the national priorities recognize the role of RSTI in increasing productivity, enhancing efficiency levels, accelerating economic development, as well as creating comparative advantage and competitiveness of the country. RSTI is also recognized as key in transforming the country from a factor-based to an innovation-led, knowledge economy.

Depending on the level of implementation, MDAs are required to appoint or re-appoint STI focal person and champions and ensure that the same are trained.

STI Act is an Act of Parliament aimed at “entrenching Science, Technology and Innovation into the National Production System and for connected purposes”. Eligible MDAs are MDAs involved in the National Production System and contributing towards the attainment of Kenya’s Vision 2030, INCLUDING institutions who are:

a). Research Institutions, Universities as well as their regulating agencies

b). Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET)/Tertiary institutions that are focused on research, science, technology and innovation as well as their regulating agencies

c). MDA’s involved in the National Research Priorities Framework

d). MDA’s with distinct research and technology development centres/units/activities

MDAs are required to undertake the following:

1.     Develop or implement the institutional  STI Mainstreaming Strategy using the template provided on NACOSTI’s website (30%);

2.   Develop and implement  annual work plan for institutional STI Mainstreaming (50%); and

3.   Submit quartely and annual report to NACOSTI using the STI Mainstreaming reporting template provided on NACOSTI’s website (20%);                


All MDAs are required to prepare and submit quarterly performance reports online to NACOSTI within 15 days following the end of a quarter and the annual performance reports within 15 days after the end of the contract period as per the templates provided in the tables.  ”