Most frequent questions and answers

Who should apply for a Research License?

All persons intending to undertake research in the Country

Should a researcher employed by a research institution apply for a Research License?

Yes. Registration as a research institution is recognition of the corporate entity as per Regulation 106 while Research Licensing is guided by Regulation 108 of the Science, Technology and innovation Act, 2013 (Rev. 2014)

Do you grant Research Licenses to individuals/Consultants?

Yes. Citizens need not be affiliated to an institution before applying for a Research License. However, a non-Kenyan must be affiliated to a local relevant institution

How do you obtain a research license in Kenya?

Applications are made online through the Website (www.nacosti.go.ke)

Does application for a Research License exempt one from other legislation?

No. Access, handling or transfer of research material, technology or data may be subject to other existing legislation and regulations

How long does it take to process a Research License?

Subject to meeting all the requirements, one should be able to be granted a Research License within 30 days

How can I access my Research License?

Upon grant, Research License will be available/downloadable from applicants’ account or email.

Who should apply for ethical approval?

Ethical approval is desirable for all research. However, it is mandatory for research involving human subjects and use of laboratory animals. Accredited Institutional Ethics Review Committees in Kenya (click here)

Do foreigners require a research license to engage in research in Kenya?

Yes. All persons intending to undertake research in the country are required to apply for a Research License and must be affiliated to a local relevant institution

How do I pay for my research license?

Payments are made through a mobile money payment or direct bank deposit.

What is the validity period of a Research License?

The Research License granted for a period of one year. However, one may apply for the renewal of the License.

Are there exemptions to NACOSTI Research License?

No. In our opinion, this will be against the objective of the Commission.