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Kenya like any other developing countries, has assigned industrial program a central role in its efforts to create economic growth and increase the pace of industrialization with science and technology. This led to the establishment of National Commission for Science and Technology (NCST) now known as National Commission for Science Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI). This Commission was to coordinate industrial research institutions (including universities) and transfer of the science and technology (S&T) research findings to the productive sectors.

In 1989, the Kenyan government, further, fine tuned the coordination activities of the Commission by creating the Kenya National Scientific Information and Documentation Center (KENSIDOC) as  a department within the commision through a national development paper of 1989-1993.


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Mandate and Function

The need for KENSIDOC was therefore, to implement Kenya’s Science and Technology findings for social and economic development.


According to the national development plan of 1989-1993, the functions of KENSIDOC shall be:

  1. Select appropriate tools for the identification of sources at the disposal of planbers , research workers and technologists (information referral services).
  2. Provide information on research institutions, ongoing program and projects and research scientists in various displines.
  3. Dissiminate results of research obtained in Kenya or those about Kenya obtained by local or foreign researchers.
  4. Strengthen information sources in priority scientific areas (such as agricultural, industrial, health and development planning) identified in national development plans and strategies.