Three Kenyan scholars have been awarded the prestigious Fellowship of the International Science Council (ISC), the highest honor bestowed by the organization. This recognition places Kenya at the forefront of global scientific advancement and highlights the exceptional contributions of its scientists, researchers, and professionals.

The International Science Council (ISC) is a global organization with a membership from about 140 nations and is dedicated to advancing science as a global public good. ISC and works to catalyse and convene scientific expertise, advice and influence on issues of major concern to both science and society.

The ISC has recognized these outstanding individuals for their significant contributions to the field.

The newly appointed Fellows are:

Amb. Macharia Kamau, a former Permanent Secretary of Foreign Affairs, has been named an Honorary Fellow of the ISC. This prestigious title acknowledges his exceptional dedication to diplomacy and the critical role of science in international relations. The global organization hailed Amb Kamau’s contribution to the promotion of science as a public good. Ambassador Kamau is a Commissioner at the International Science Council, ISC, based in Paris, France. He is also a Board Member of the United Nations Secretary General’s Peace Building Fund in New York and the Equity Group Foundation in Nairobi, among other advisory and board responsibilities.

Professor Shaukat Abdulrazak, the current Director of the Africa Division of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and former Director General of the National Commission for Science, Technology, and Innovation (NCST/NACOSTI), has been honored as a Fellow of the ISC. This recognition reflects his outstanding leadership in the fields of nuclear science and technology. In his capacity as the Director for the Division for Africa at the IAEA Department of Technical Cooperation, Prof. Shaukat facilitates IAEA technical cooperation support to 49 countries in Africa.

Professor Vasey Mwaja, former Chairman of NCST/NACOSTI, who has also been named a Fellow of the ISC. Prof. Mwaja’s contributions to the advancement of science and technology in Kenya have been instrumental in shaping the nation’s scientific landscape. He is a consultant in agribusiness management and technology development, development of agricultural policies and strategies, as well as in project development and strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa.

These three distinguished individuals now join Prof. Walter Oyawa, the Director General of NACOSTI, who was awarded the ISC Fellowship in June 2022 in the first cohort. Prof. Oyawa is a Professor of Civil Engineering, and a Registered Professional Engineer. His core area of research embraces Sustainable Construction Materials/Technologies, and Frontier/Emerging Technologies.

Kenya now boasts a total of four Fellows of the ISC, marking a significant milestone in the country’s scientific achievements.

The ISC Fellowship recognizes individuals who have made exceptional contributions to promoting science as a global public good. The Fellows play a vital role in advising the ISC on its programs and initiatives, and in advocating for the importance of science in addressing global challenges such as climate change, poverty, and disease.

The Government of Kenya recognizes science, technology and innovation (STI) as the key enabler of its long-term national plan, Kenya Vision 2030, and is committed to harnessing STI for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Accordingly, the Government of Kenya continues to allocate increased funding to research and development initiatives taking cognizance that we are now living in a new age; an age of science, technology and innovation.

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