Kenya through the Ministry of Education seeks to enhance its participation in the Horizon Europe Programme and other similar Programmes through a well-coordinated awareness, empowerment and reporting framework as a means of escalating Kenya’s investments in R&D and fostering STI Mainstreaming in MDAs.

As part of progressing the EU-Kenya RSTI initiative and other similar grant seeking opportunities to achieve fruitful and measurable outcomes for the country, Hon. Ezekiel Machogu, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Education appointed the National Research, Technology and Innovation Consortium/Committee (NARTIC). The Committee is chaired by the Director General, National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI) Prof. Walter Oyawa and Co-Chaired by our Secretary for Administration Mr. Fredrick Ndambuki. Members of the Consortium/Committee comprise the Chief Executive Officers of the Commission for University Education (CUE), the National Research Fund (NRF), the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA), Vice Chancellor -DeKUT, Director University Education, Director-DRST, and other senior officers including the private sector. Owing to the importance of this undertaking, the Consortium/Committee will be supported by members of the High­ Level Advisory Panel on Science, Technology and Innovation established by the Director General- NACOSTI.

The CS, Ministry of Education also thanked the participants who participated in the well-attended Webinar on Horizon Europe Africa Initiative II – Focus on Kenya, organized by the Ministry of Education through our Coordinating Committee, and EU Horizon Europe Team, and held on the 24th January 2023. An impressive turnout of over seven hundred (700) researchers, scholars, inventors and innovators participated in the Webinar, thus intensifying our engagement with the European Union as pertains to collaborations in Research, Science, Technology and Innovation (RSTI). Additionally he strongly encouraged focused participation of Kenyan institutions, scientists, researchers, innovators, inventors, and scholars in the upcoming “call for Proposals” by Horizon Europe Programme, and other funding agencies as may be guided by the Consortium/Committee.

The Chief objective of the National Research, Technology and Innovation Consortium/Committee (NARTIC) is to directly (or through sub-consortia) prepare, coordinate preparation of, and submit proposals to the Horizon Europe “call for Proposals”, and to any other partner/donor funding agencies. Proposals falling within the national Research, Science, Technology and Innovation (RSTI) Priorities as determined by NACOSTI and recommended or endorsed by the Chair NARTIC will receive enhanced backing by my Ministry. The Consortium/Committee will also engage with Horizon Europe Team and various partners/funding agencies to boost the chances of success for grant applications. The Committee is expected to coordinate/guide successful proposals as per provisions of the Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Act 2013 (Rev. 2014), and in tune with the requirements of the STI Mainstreaming Performance Contract Target in MDAs which is aimed at entrenching science, technology and innovation into the national production system and for connected purposes.