The National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI) has been invited to receive a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) award and recognition (Award Category: Best Statutory Commission on DIEB) on Friday, March 3, 2023 during DIAR 5th Edition Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony to be held at Arabuko Hall, the Sarit Expo Centre, Westlands, Nairobi in a ceremony that will take place from 05:00 P.M to 10:00 P.M guided by the theme “Belonging – I belong, You Belong, We Belong”.


The term ‘DEIB’ is an abbreviation for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. It is the practice of honoring the multiplicity of existing social identities at any given place and time.

DEIB Index measures how diverse, equitable and inclusive an organization is, based on their feedback or the feedback of a key stakeholder. The index focuses on aspects such as demographics/numbers in representations, gender and disability mainstreaming, rates of retention, turnover, pay equity, employee Net Promoter Score (NPS), employee satisfaction and level of belonging, among others. NACOSTI has employees from across the whole Country (Diversity), each and every one feels fairly treated, respected and valued (Equity); each and every one fully participates in their diversity, and have equal access to opportunities and resources (Inclusion); and the employees have/experience a great sense of community (Belonging).

The DIAR Awards criteria will therefore measure how well an individual or organization, has consistently exemplified diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in their day-to-day implementation of organizational goals, programs, and activities.

DIAR Awards recognition has been a catalyst for the improvement of services, setting of standards, sustenance of positive change, and multiplication of change agents. The awards celebrate, recognize and award champions of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging in Kenya, based on the DEIB Survey, self and public nominations, self-submissions and internal and external research targeting MDAs and SAGAs and other organizations and ethnic minorities, marginalized and vulnerable populations. Also, contribution towards peace, cohesion, and climate action.

The DIAR awards follows last year’s award to NACOSTI as the best government institution in advancing gender equity, where NACOSTI scored 98 per cent in an evaluation done by the State Department of Gender and the National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEC).

Gender Mainstreaming Committee that spearheaded NACOSTI’s sterling performance as the Best Public Institution in Gender Equity during FY 2020/2021.