Principal Secretary for University Education and Research Ambassador Simon Nabukwesi is calling on local scientists and researchers to play an active role in finding solutions to challenges currently facing the region.

The PS is specifically urging the science community to collaborate and assist each other by devising ways on how to combat covid-19 pandemic mainly through sharing of some of the best practices.

The PS cited South Africa as one of the African countries that has carried out research on covid-19 by collecting daily data to gauge improvements in terms of response.

Speaking during a science and technology conference in Mombasa, Nabukwesi said scientists must to aspire to do better by constantly utilizing the knowledge they have acquired over the years.

“Great ideas have emerged in the conference, therefore let us be consistent and do what we can do, motivate our scholars and scientists since the government is in full support of scholars as transformers of this nation” He said

According to Nabukwesi, scientists play a significant role in improving lives and therefore encouraged them to prioritize research areas that can greatly impact the country’s well-being especially in the area of economy. This he noted has a direct influence on social economic conditions of Kenyans.

He further emphasized change of attitude as a major step towards achieving meaningful, productive and impactful research. “We must change our culture and influence every person to take various responsibilities in Kenya if we are to win the fight against covid-19,” Ambassador Nabukwesi remarked.

The three-day symposium was held under the theme “STI response to Covid-19 pandemic and infusion into-post Covid-19 recovery strategies.”

The workshop is organized by the National Commission on Science Technology and Innovation – NACOSTI.

At the same time, Nabukwesi delivered a presentation on proposed higher education reforms containing five thematic areas recommended for review among them governance and management of institutions of higher learning, funding and recruitment.

He said the Government is reviewing the existing policies to make them relevant and enable dealing with emerging challenges. He acknowledged the efforts and great ideas which emerged at the conference deliberations and presentations by scholars noting that the workshop “should not just be a mere formality, it should inspire us, put us on the trajectory to have focus, an ounce of practice is better than tonnes of teaching”

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