This package has been developed by the Ministry of Health to empower Health Care Workers (HCWS), Community Health Volunteers (CHVS) households and individuals, with basic knowledge, to enable them function effectively as care givers of COVID-19 patients at home.

Kenya is now witnessing cases of local community transmission of the corona virus disease. This means that we are likely to see more people testing positive from the surveillance activities and at hospital casualty and emergencys units throughout the country. Not all people who test positive for corona virus disease require hospitalisation and in some cases, homecare may also be consid- ered when inpatient care is not available.

This guide is a popular version for the general public, caregivers, and all health teams including CHVS.

The guidelines are aimed at empowering the community to take charge of COVID-19 patients at home. The guidelines were developed in line with (WHO-2020) recommendations. Positive cases without other underlying conditions and those with mild or no symptoms with a possibility of a good outcome, are eligible for care at home.