Affordable Housing

Kenya has an estimated annual demand of 244,000 housing units in different market segments against an estimated annual supply of less than 50,000 units. This has outpaced supply and has culminated in housing deficit over the years. Majority of Kenyans are still unable to access housing due to high cost, unfriendly mortgage regime, a rigid land tenure system and weak policy, legal and regulatory framework. The country needs to develop affordable housing programmes covering all urban centers across the country that will incorporate innovative, cost effective and efficient delivery models. These will entail the use of affordable environmentally friendly building materials, efficient construction technologies and techniques.

Government Departments, Agencies and partners should give priority to research that will lead to:

  • Development of affordable building materials and technologies;
  • Development of technologies for greening the building and construction sector to make it climate smart;
  • Responsive land use and urban planning;
  • Viable and innovative financing models including Public Private Partnerships;