Institutional Scientific and Ethical Review Committee (ISERC) in Kenya

NoName of ISERCArea of accreditationYear of first accreditation
1. Africa International UniversitySocial Science2018
2. AIC Kijabe HospitalHealth science, Biomedical, biological, social sciences and environmental sciences2018
3. AMREF KenyaResearch protocols involving human participants2012
4. Chuka UniversityBiological and Social sciences2012
5. Daystar UniversitySocial Sciences and Environmental Sciences2016
6. Egerton UniversityResearch protocols involving human participants2012
7. Getrude’s Children HospitalResearch protocols involving human participants2012
8. Great Lakes UniversityPublic health2014
9. Institute of Primate ResearchResearch protocols involving animals2012
10. International Livestock Research InstituteHealth sciences2013
11. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga  Referral HospitalHealth sciences2013
12. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and TechnologyBiomedical sciences2017
13. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & TechnologySocial Sciences2016
14. Kenya Medical Research InstituteResearch protocols involving human participants2012
15. Kenya Methodist UniversityResearch protocols involving human participants2012
16. Kenyatta National Hospital – University of NairobiHuman subjects2012
17. Kenyatta UniversityHuman subjects2012
18. Maseno UniversityPublic health and social sciences2012
19. Masinde Muliro University of Science & TechnologyHealth sciences2013
20. Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital/ Moi UniversityBiomedical and human participants2012
21. Mount Kenya UniversityHealth sciences2013
22. Pwani UniversityBiomedical, Physical, social and Environment sciences2012
23. Strathmore UniversitySocial sciences2014
24. The Aga Khan University HospitalResearch protocols involving human participants2012
25. The Nairobi HospitalResearch protocols involving human participants2014
26. United States International UniversitySocial sciences and Environment science2016
27. University of Eastern Africa of BaratonHealth science2013
28. University of KabiangaResearch Protocols involving Human Participants2018
29. Technical Univeristy of MombasaBiomedical, Public Health and Psychology2019
30. Tenwek HospitalBiomedical Sciences2019
31. Laikipia UniversitySocial, Biomedical and Environment science2020
32. Kabarak UniversitySocial, Biomedical and Environment science2021
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