The objective of the Commission shall be to regulate and assure quality in the science, technology and innovation sector and advise the Government in matters related thereto.

According to the Section 6(1) of the Science, Technology and Innovation Act 2013, the functions of the Commission shall be to:-

  • develop, in consultation with stakeholders, the priorities in scientific, technological and innovation activities in Kenya in relation to the economic and social policies of the Government, and the country's international commitments;
  • lead inter-agency efforts to implement sound policies and budgets, working in collaboration with the county governments, and organisations involved in science and technology and innovation within Kenya and outside Kenya;
  • advise the national and county governments on the science, technology and innovation policy, including general planning and assessment of the necessary financial resources;
  • liaise with the National Innovation Agency and the National Research Fund to ensure funding and implementation of prioritized research programmes;
  • ensure co-ordination and co-operation between the various agencies involved in science, technology and innovation;
  • accredit research institutes and approve all Scientific research in Kenya;
  • assure relevance and quality of science, technology and innovation programmes in research institutes;
  • advise on science education and innovation at both basic and advanced levels;
  • promote increased awareness, knowledge and information of research system;