The African Academy of Sciences is inviting nominations for the Olusegun Obasanjo Prize for Scientific Discovery and/or Technological Innovation intended to  honour African scientists who have made outstanding contributions in scientific discovery or technological innovation. The Prize has been named in honour of the former President of Nigeria, H.E. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo in recognition of his exemplary statesmanship and leadership at the national, regional and international levels and his contributions to political well-being, socio-economic development and the positive role he has played in nurturing the spirit of scientific discovery and technological innovation in the African continent. 

The Prize, which shall be awarded every two years, has four components:  

  1. A Cash award of US$5,000 (this may be reviewed and adjusted by the Governing Council (GC) of AAS) 
  2. An Inscribed Gold Medal
  3. A Citation in form of a certificate and  
  4. Election into AAS Fellowship 

 The Prize may be awarded to an individual or jointly to two or more persons who will share the cash award in equal amounts.  


 The Prize is open to all African scientists and technologists and does not recognize gender, ethnic, or geographical differences.  National scientists and Fellows in the employment of or who serve as senior advisors to AAS are not eligible for nomination.  Similarly, the award may not be made to any person who is a current member of the governing organs of the AAS. 

Nominations must be submitted on the AAS Ishango Online System: by 22 December 2020.

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