Yearly Competitions


In order to stimulate high-quality scientific research regarding problems inherent to overseas regions, the Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences (RAOS) organizes yearly competitions.

a)  Writing the questions and submitting the works 

1. Every year, each Section of the Academy puts one question forward on specific subjects. 

In its February meeting, each Section sets the theme on which the question will be focused and appoints two members in charge of writing it. In its March meeting, each Section approves the final text of the question. Each question should be worded as broadly as possible in order to generate a real competition.

2. The competition is open to all scientists worldwide without any age restriction. Academy members are not allowed to take part.

3. Each award-winning work in the yearly competition is granted a  cash prize (2,500 EUR). 

4. The work submitted to the Academy's yearly competition should be an original and recent (max. five years old) scientific manuscript: a Ph.D. thesis or a work of at least the same level. 

Submitting work to the yearly competition implies that the potential laureate subscribes to the conditions linked to the acceptance of the prize.